OPP is a modern generation designers brand. In this modern world design brand there is many elements. Thus, creating a unique composition. It is a symbol of French life style. Ranging from leather goods, shoes and other accessories all compose of genuine French elements. Opulent designs making our brand rich in style.

OPP has always been chasing a "elegant French design" dream. Consisting of romantic and artistic French styles. Making "life's pace" as the mainstream goal. Fitting many different occasions and change of lifestyles. We can design for any occasions. We have three main types which are elegance, classical and casual. And four main characteristics. High class, classical business wear, modern fashion and modern casual wear. We focus very mainly on making our designs to the best. Very mainstream and acceptable prices and quality. Making every piece of our product the very best. Creating a very welcomed brand among the younger generation.

In the year 2009, they opened their very first shoe store in Gordes France. They used knowledge in fashion and art to finesse their products. In the year 2011, they expanded their research and knowledge to expand their production line. In the year 2013, the three original creators expanded their business by starting up in France and Hong Kong by establishing OPP France international Trade Co LTD. They captured the southeast market and established a great name in the southeastern markets. Also they reached XXX amount of authorized retail stores in the world.

In 2014, going with modern lifestyles they established a electronically market. They create their website( Their design team consist of members who love arts, architecture, and designing. Thus making products that can have a feeling of uniqueness and rarity. And establishing a steady consumer base.

In June of 2015, OPP has established 25 retail stores in France, UK, United States, China, and many more countries. Based on fashion and unique designs in the past six years OPP had received great approvals from consumers around the world. Because of the unique designs OPP has been able to create Classical Modern designs.

Brand Philosophy

OPP is about a man who lives in a busy city. He who strives for freedom, curiosity in new things, smart, young, an possess a style of life. He loves life and lives it to the fullest. He enjoys every second of life.

OPP will always achieve a "French elegance" philosophy in design. Sending a "going fashion" philosophy making OPP a very unique style. Making life elegant, romantic, and freedom.

The whole brand is based upon time connection, color, and time and place. Making consumers feel that time is giving people many great things in life.


100% Authentic
Brand New
Original Packaging
Leather upper
Exposed stitching
Leather interior
Rubber outsole
Care and maintenance instructions included
Branded dustbag included

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